20 Aug 2014


10 more days and the season of knitwear will officially begin. And this fall it sounds even more happier. because now knits are in fashion like they never were before. Just remember Cara wearing Stella McCartney dress at catwalk this spring, or oversized knits at Celine, or military style at Hermes. One thing I can say you for sure: knitwear is in  top-3 trends of F/W 2014/15 season.

But know what... These warm dreams about wearing sweet and cozy knitwear don't make me happy. Truly I'm like in passive fear. Well, surely I wanna wake up in the morning and wear camel cashmere dress, or skirt and sweater, or whatever-knitted, but but this wool dreamland just slightly reminds me of cold winter mornings of  my childhood, when I had to wear over-than-ugly knitted pants on my way to kindergarden... That's what brokes this perfect warm illusion of this fall for me.

I swear, I'll try. I will definitely buy few pieces of grey, and white, and black, and maybe beige knits, but please don't judge me if you see me in jeans instead of sport pants.


Уже через десять дней официально начнется сезон трикотажа, что этой осенью будет особо приятно, потому что сейчас трикотажные и вязанные вещи крайне популярны. Просто вспомните на весеннем подиуме Кару в вязанном платье Stella McCartney, oversize растянутые трикотажные костюмы Celine, или вязанный милитари стайл Hermes. В наступающем сезоне трикотаж, определенно, входит в тройку самых громких модных трендов.

Но знаете что... Теплые мечты о мягком и удобном трикотаже не делают меня счастливой. По правде говоря, этот тренд нагнетает на меня некий пассивный страх. Думаю, вы уже могли догадаться, что бежевые вязанные платья или трикотажные костюмы навевают воспоминания о зимнем времени года в детстве, когда каждодневный поход в детский сад и обратно неминуемом сопровождался более-чем-ужасными шерстяными рейтузами. Именно это детское воспоминание не дает мне в полной мере радоваться такой прекрасной и уютной трикотажной моде.

Я обещаю, что непримено попробую с этим смириться и обязательно куплю себе несколько предметов белых, серых, черный и, возможно, бежевых цветов. Но, все же, не судите меня строго, если увидите на меня джинсы вместо кашемировых спортивок.

14 Aug 2014


I did another what to buy from iHerb post about a year ago, and since that time I ordered, I guess, 20 times more from that online shop with natural and organic stuff. So I wanna share with you my updated recommendations about what to get from iHerb. And btw, don't forget to use coupon code DRL724 to get $10 discount of your first order.


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

I guess that about 70% of my skincare is organic and natural, and most of that products I surely buy at iHerb, because there's nice range of products, which are twice cheaper than in Russia. My hands down fav brands are AnneMarie Borlind (recommend all of these products, and they are also in groups by skin type), MyChelle Dermaceuticals (many-many too good stuff that really works), Suki Inc. (amazing brand with amazinely high quality of products), and surely I love COOLA Organic Suncare Collection.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

There are not too much makeup things at iHerb, and about a half of them from elf, which I don't recommend you guys. My favs are RealTechniques and Bdellium Tools vegan brushes, and makeup again from AnneMarie BorlindSuki Inc., and also Lavera Naturkosmetic.


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

About a half of a year already I wash my hair only with co-washing, and also get a deep cleanse about once a two weeks with castile soap or african black soap. When when it comes to my haircare, all products I use are 100% natural, because only they work good on my hair. And above you can see all products I use and recommend.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

And surely I do order vitamins, minerals, acids, and superfoods from iHerb. My fav pills are from Solgar brand, which I do trust, what's pretty strange for me. My favs are Hyaluronic Acid and Skin, Nails & Hair, which make me look even more younger and beautiful. And also I do love to buy goji berries, which I add to my fruit salads and smoothies for antioxidants and more veggie protein. And what's more I love different packets with mix of superfoods and nuts and also healthy bars, which are so yeasy to carry with you in case you want to snack.

13 Aug 2014


I love shopping at Asos for years already and make new order basically every month. And also I check new things like every three of four days, and surely I put in my wishlist all  I like and wanna buy. As my tastes changes and also the weather changes, I usually buy about a half of all my wishes. So this time I wanna share with you all my sacred and beloved pieces from my wishlist at Asos. Hope you'll notice some things for you and your wardrobe.